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Make your pup look the dashing dog they are with ZukieStyle's bespoke bandanas and neckerchiefs.

They are now available in five sizes (listed below the categories). This is a guide only. If you require a different size to those shown, please get in touch.

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 How ZukieStyle Bandanas Work

ZukieStyle's bandanas have become very popular. They are hassle free to attach, simply slipping over your dog's collar. If you think your pup's collar is wider than those shown please let us know as bandanas can be made to measure in a variety of collar lengths and widths


 Extra Small: 18.5cm (l) x 10.5cm (h) approx for collar width 2.5cm or less Ideal for Papillon,Chihuahua & Cats

 Small: 28.5cm (l) x 15.5cm (h) approx for collar width 3.5cm or less

Ideal for Jack Russell,Corgi, Cocker Spaniel & Beagle  

 Medium: 40.5cm (l) x 20.5cm (h) approx for collar width 4cm or less

Ideal for Springer Spaniel, Small Lab, Boxer & Staffy

 Large: 44.5cm (l) x 23cm (h) approx for collar width 5cm or less

Ideal for Larger Lab, Alsation, Rottweiler

X-Large: 51cm (l) x 30cm (h) approx for collar width 6cm or less

Ideal for Malamute, Leonberger


Romeo Harry 

Made To Measure: If your pup is on the larger or smaller side please send measurements of the collar width, length and let ZukieStyle know their breed so that we can provide one especially for their needs.

Neckerchiefs: We also make bandanas to tie around your dog's neck please choose this style on before checkout.

Dog Neckerchief 

Personalised Bandanas

We now offer personalised bandanas, we can cater for large quantities or smaller orders